Use of reproductive health information on contraception among female undergraduates of University of Ibadan

Authors: Mercy A Iroaganachi

It is said that health is life. Health is an essential aspect of development. The health of a people has tremendous impact on the health of a nation. This makes it necessary for all nations to invest in the healthcare of its people. The World Bank (1994) says that, Health is an essential objective of development. The capacity to develop is itself dependent on health. Health’s crucial contribution to economic activities cannot be overemphasized. It improves the human condition through all processes of development. According to Aina (2004), we survive as human beings, because we accurately record the sound, sight, smells, tastes and texture of our environment which are information. As health is important to development, information is a requisite for health development. Therefore, suitable developmental information is necessary for addressing various issues in a nation.