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Comparative Germination Studies of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata Linn. Walp) and Soy bean (Glycine max Linn. Merr) on Whole and Water Saturated Fractions of Hydrocarbon (Hexane)

The effects of whole and water saturated fractions (WWSF) of hydrocarbon hexane on the germination of two leguminous crops: Vigna unguiculata (Linn) Walp and...

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Ethnobotanical of Dacryodes edulis In Southern Nigeria 2: Practices and Applications amongst the Igbos.

The Igbos of Southeast Nigeria believes ube (Dacryodes edulis (G.Don) H.J.Lam) originated in the region. The plant is heavily cultivated around homes, homesteads, and...

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Systematics Value of Stomata in Some Nigeria hardwood Species of Fabaceae

Epidermal morphology and the structure and development of stomata in 10 species of Fabaceae are described. The epidermal cells varied from irregular to straight-walled...

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Seed Morphology of Some Taxa of Asteraceae

Seed morphology of 136 species distributed in 68 genera have been described. of these, seed morphology of 51 genera are described for the first...

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Evaluating the Relationship Between Running Times and DNA Sequence Sizes using a Generic-Based Filtering Program.

Generic programming depends on the decomposition of programs into simpler components which may be developed separately and combined arbitrarily, subject only to well-defined interfaces....

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Prof. Omonhinmin Conrad


Conrad A. Omonhinmin is a Molecular plant systematist and biostatician with special interest in under-exploited African species. He is senior faculty with Covenant University, Nigeria and he is at the forefront of driving products relevant researches and currently leading genetic diversity study and germplasm collection of indigenous economic plant species in Nigeria.