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Psychosocial Health of Adolescent living in Urban Slum Nigeria

The paper examines association of neighborhood characteristics with psychosocial statues of adolescent living in urban slums. Data for the study were obtained from a...

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Relationship between Religiosity and Citizenship Behaviours in Organizations: Empirical Evidence from Selected Organisations in Lagos State

Religiosity may be considered as a fundamental trait that defines Nigerians as a people. Although it is a concept that underlies all aspects of...

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Predictability of Continuous Assessment scores on Academic Performance of Students in Junior School Certificate Examination in Ilorin: An Indicator of Purposive Education in Nigeria

The main focus of this study was to investigate the relationship between Continuous Assessment scores and the Junior School Certificate Examination scores of students’...

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Knowledge, Attitude and Barriers towards Children Immunization among Women in Selected Rural Primary Health Centres

This study explored the knowledge, attitude and barriers to children immunization among women in four selected Rural Primary Health Centres. Immunization coverage rates in...

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Influence of Guidance and Counselling on Students Motivation and School Adjustment among Covenant University Students, Ogun State

This study examined the influence of career guidance and counselling on students motivation and school adjustment. Research on school counselling and guidance services has...

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Prof. Olujide A. ADEKEYE


Prof. Olujide A. Adekeye is a professional counsellor and lectures in the Department of Psychology. He practices as a counsellor in the University Counselling Center (CUCC). He is also involved in the partnership of Covenant University with the Prison Fellowship of Nigeria and SMEDAN tagged the “Onesimus Project” where psychosocial, therapeutic and rehabilitation services are rendered to prison inmates. His research interest revolves around drug use and substance abuse, HIV/AIDS education, family and relationship counselling, career exploration, and adolescent development.