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B. Sc. Architecture, 1st Class | M.Sc. Architecture, Distinction | Doctorate, Ph.D. Architecture


1. Full Member, the Nigerian Institute of Architects (MNIA) | M3921,

2. Member, Association of Architectural Educators of Nigeria (AARCHES) M/540

3. Member, Institute of Productivity, Business and Innovation Management (IPBIM)


Architecture | ALDC


Educator & Faculty Member


College of Science & Technology



Research Interests

·         Learning Environments

·         Life Skills Based Education (LSBE)

·         Adolescent and Youth Development

·         Building Information Modelling

Awards & Honours

Award & Honours

Honours Awards & Fellowships:

  1. Best Educator Nomination | Nov. 2020 in the department following students’ 2020 Moodle LMS evaluation of the previous semester
  2. Educator of the Week | Aug 2020 by Tech-Savvy Teacher International
  3. Excellence Award | Nov 2019 by Phembuk Communications
  4. Fellow, Youth ActionNet, an initiative of the International Youth Foundation IYF | Nov 2018 
  5. Outstanding Education Supporting Individual Award by the Ogun State Teaching Service Commission TESCOM August 2018
  6. Alumni Hero Award for Outstanding Leadership by Regal Set, Covenant University. July, 2018
  7. Social Innovators Award Fellowship by LEAP Africa 2017/2018
  8. Award of Excellence: As an Impactful Career Leader; Presented by Thrive Network at the Relevance Seminar. August 2017
  9. Appreciation Award: For Unwavering Support and Commitment towards Developing the next Generation of Kingdom Giants; Presented by the Youth Alive Fellowship, Winners Chapel, Ibiye, Badagry, Nigeria | June, 2017
  10. Lagos State NYSC Honors Award, February, 2015
  11. National Honors Award of Outstanding Contribution (NYSC), February, 2015
  12. Staff Mentor, Chronos Studeos 2015 Design Competition where Covenant University emerged first amongst over 100 entries from other Schools of Architecture in Nigeria.

Academic Awards:

1.      Dexter Award- Society of Architecture Students, SAS, Covenant University, May 2010

2.      Best Graduating Student- Department of Architecture, Covenant University, July, 2011

3.      Most Creative- MSc Category, Archifuse 2013, Covenant University


4.      2nd Position, Design team leader; Covenant University Representation at the Ife Architecture Student Association IFASA 2012 Design Competition

Teaching Areas

Teaching Areas

Sociology of Architecture: Housing

Community Development Initiatives

Interior Design – Seminar Based

Architectural Design Studio II, III, IV

Theory of Architecture

History of Modern Architecture I, II

Building Information Modelling I, II

Graphics and Descriptive Geometry II

AutoCAD – 3D




Peer Recognition | Invited Reviewer/Editorial Board Membership

1. Invitation as Reviewer to International Educational Research (IER), United States

2. Faculty Member, Tekedia Institute USA | Mini-MBA  (March 2020 – Present)

3. Head of Programs – Africa Educational Management and Leadership Forum –AEF | July 2020


Academic and Industry Linkages

1. Spazio Ideale Interior Designers

2. DezynCycle, an agile design-strategy firm

3. Micdee Designs


Invited Presentations, Keynotes, Workshop and Public Lectures Facilitated (Most Recent)

1. Commencement Keynote Delivered at D’Ivy College, Ota, Nigeria on July 14th, 2021

2. Three (3) Important Life Skills for Living a Fulfilling Life. A Presentation Delivered on the True Voice Podcast Show on 25th May 2021

3. Self-Awareness and Self Discovery. A Presentation Delivered at the Kirikiri Correctional Home, Apapa, Lagos for Children of Officers Organised by CU-CDIIC in Partnership with the Prison Ministry of the Living Faith Church on March 27, 2021.

4. Dimensional Strategies for Achieving Goals in 2021. A Presentation Delivered for Junior Chambers International JCI Ibadan on 3rd January 2021.

5. Leveraging Life Skills in a Post-pandemic world. A Presentation Delivered for  Leaders Fort Company on 3rd October, 2020

6. After School, What Next: A Workshop Delivered for Rotary Ota on 23rd September, 2020

7. Building Career Resilience. A Presentation Delivered for Yield Leadership Initiative on 5th September, 2020

8. Building Your Empire. A Presentation Delivered for Life After School Initiative on 16th August, 2020

9. Life Skills for the Exceptional Young Person: From Corper to Gold. A Presentation Delivered for Purple Smiles Initiative on 18th July, 2020

10. The Secrets of Time Management. A Workshop Delivered for Gem-Mine Nigeria on 5th February, 2021


Supervision | Selected Theses and Dissertations

1. Universal Design and Users’ Productivity in the Design of a Technology Park for Kaduna State, Nigeria

M.Sc. 2020/2021

2. Evaluation of Circulation Elements on Users’ Experience in the Design of an ICT Complex in Lagos State, Nigeria

M.Sc. 2020/2021

3. Influence of Theme Park Environment on Social Integration of Visitors

B.Sc. 2020/2021

4. A Study on the Extent of Use of Object-Based Parametric BIM Models in Selected Furniture Companies in Lagos State


5. Extent of Incorporation of BIM in Architecture Taught Courses

B.Sc. 2019/2020

6. Collaborative BIM Education in Tertiary Institutions; A Case Study of AEC Departments in Southwest Nigeria

B.Sc. 2018/2019

7. Assessment of BIM Competencies Among Architects in Lagos, Nigeria

B.Sc. 2017/2018

8. User Perception of Colours in the Interiors of Public Spaces in Lagos State, Nigeria

B.Sc. 2016/2017

9. The Effects of Partition Materials on Work Performance in Office Buildings in Lagos State, Nigeria


Detailed Biographical Info

Biographical Info

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a multiple award-winning education thought-leader, passionate about improving the developmental outcomes of young people through education and safe spaces; on his life mission of raising young people & moulding minds.


Dr. Abraham brings on board his multi-disciplinary experience and expertise in architecture, learning and development, life coaching, youth work, and higher education leveraging project management skills and competencies blended with his passion for youth development to improve the developmental outcomes for young people by building children and youth development centres, as responsive learning environments that aid young people’s holistic development across the three (3) domains of learning outcomes: affective, behavioural and cognitive development.


His professional goal is to mainstream youth development as an approach to education and schooling experience through grass-root engagement, policy support, and research efforts in order to raise young people towards a successful transition to adulthood.


His publications including books, scientific articles, conference proceedings, training programs, podcast, coaching sessions, and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe.


In addition to this, Dr. Abraham is frequently invited to teach on topical life skills as a speaker and trainer for non-profits, education districts, schools, SMEs, and faith-based institutions that work with young people solving perennial issues around quality education, learning environment, capacity building, and life skills development.

His educational interventions and youth development programs have improved the developmental outcomes of more than 12,000 young people since 2011.

He is a good communicator with the ability to inspire and mobilize transformational advocacy work, educational programs, and community development initiatives.

As a Life Skills Facilitator & Development Consultant with the African Leadership Development Centre ALDC, Abraham has facilitated several life skills training and development interventions since 2016, with notable mileage of impact and growth in line with targeted learning outcomes. He is on the faculty for the Total Man Concept TMC, Diploma in Leadership Development DLD, Certificate in Leadership Development CLD, and Towards a Total Graduate TTG programs of Covenant University.

He is a seasoned educator, life harmony coach, author & youth minister, and speaker & trainer on life skills.


Abraham has earned formal competencies including a doctorate and several certifications in education, productivity, life coaching, social innovation, neuro-cognitive consonance, lean six sigma, leadership, pedagogy amongst others in a relentless pursuit of personal development and lifelong learning.


As a result of these efforts, Abraham continues to advance goal 4 of the SDG – quality education whilst promoting holistic development for young people.


Abraham is readily accessible at https://abrahamowoseni.com/

Dr. Abraham Owoseni

Educator & Faculty Member

Multiple-award winning education thought-leader passionate about
improving the developmental outcomes of young people through
education and safe spaces with multi-disciplinary experience and expertise in architecture, learning and development, life coaching, youth work, and higher education.


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