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Olanrewaju Ifedolapo Olufunke

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Dr. Ifedolapo Olufunke Olanrewaju


B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry


PhD Industrial Chemistry (Natural product)


College of Science and Technology



Research Interests

Organic Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Natural Product Chemistry

Awards & Honours

Award & Honours

1.                  Certificate of Appreciation                                                                                       2021
2021 IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast held February 9 2021
2.                  Certificate of Recognition                                                                                         2020
“Irvingia gabonensis: A potential source of drug developmentat the 2nd International Conference on Drug Discovery and Drug Development held during October 21-22, 2020 in Webinar
3.                  CU Anti-covid-19 Grant                                                                                              2020
4.                  Certificate of Participation                                                                                       2020
Women in Chemistry Webinar of the Chemical Society of Nigeria on Strategies for a successful carrier as a female Chemist
5.                  Certificate of Participation                                                                                       2020
Chemical Society of Nigeria on Digging deep into Chemistry Culture: Chemical Security and technology expedition
6.                  Certificate of Participation                                                                                       2020
Exploring Chemistry Culture: Natural Products and Security of Chemical Facilities by Women in Chemistry of the Chemical Society of Nigeria
7.                  Certificate of Completion with Honours                                                                 2020
Coursera Master Class: The Art and Science of Teaching Online
8.                  Certificate of Completion                                                                                          2020
Enhancing Polymer Analysis with Comprehensive 2D Chromatography by Chemistry World webinar
9.                  Certificate of Participation                                                                                       2020
Recruitment, Retention and Progression Webinar on Incivility and Sexual Harassment
10.               Certificate of Completion                                                                                          2020
IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge

Teaching Areas

Teaching Areas

Basic Organic Chemistry

General Organic Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Natural Product Chemistry

Applied Spectroscopy

Detailed Biographical Info

Biographical Info

Dr Ifedolapo Olufunke Olanrewaju is a faculty at the Department of Chemistry, Covenant University. In September 2009, Ifedolapo Olanrewaju was appointed as a lecturer. She began her academic career as a Graduate Assistant. Since then, she has grown within the ranks to become a Lecturer II, contributing immensely by imparting knowledge to students and communicating her novel researches in highly revered academic journals. Dr Ifedolapo Olanrewaju has over eleven years of research experience in natural product/medicinal chemistry. Her doctoral research focused on the characterization of some tropical plants where she considered the efficacy of some plants in therapeutic formulation by traditional medical practitioners. She isolated and characterized some medicinal plants focusing on their anti-tuberculosis, antifungal, and antibacterial activities. She is familiar with using hyphenated techniques such as Liquid Chromatography-mass Spectrometry, Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry, Gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometry in obtaining structural information leading to the identification of the compounds present in extracts from plants.Dr I. O. Olanrewaju displays an eagerness to learn and a constructive attitude towards feedback. She has mastered the rudimental aspects of her profession, which predicated the platform for her excellence in her field. Her curriculum vitae speak clearly of her quality and consistent academic progress. Dr Olanrewaju bears a pleasing manner; she is God-fearing and capable of relating with all people regardless of creeds, status and inclinations.