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Ph.D, Atmospheric and Communication Physics

Ph.D, Solid State Physics

M.Tech, Solid State Physics

PGD, Education

B.Tech, Applied Physics


Physics / Renewable Energy Unit




Science and Technology



Research Interests

Renewable Energy, Energy Materials, and Environment

Awards & Honours

Award & Honours

1.    Exceptional Researcher, Awarded for quality and volume of research output in UJ GES 4.0    Scheme, University of Johannesburg, South Africa                             2020

2.    Chancellors Award for Exceptional Researcher, Awarded for quality and volume of research output in Covenant University, Nigeria                                   2019

3.    Exceptional Researcher, Awarded for quality and volume of research output in UJ GES 4.0 Scheme, University of Johannesburg, South Africa                               2019

4.    Chancellors Award for Exceptional Researcher, Awarded for quality and volume of research output in Covenant University, Nigeria                                   2018

5.    Postdoctoral Fellowship, Awarded by University of Johannesburg South Africa.


6.    Chancellors Award for Exceptional Researcher, Awarded for quality and volume of research output in Covenant University, Nigeria                                   2017

7.    Visiting Scientist, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France


8.    Visiting Scientist, MAMI, University of Mainz Cyclotron Facility, Mainz, Germany


9.    AU/TWAS Young Scientist National Award, Awarded by African Union and The World Academy of Science for significant research contribution                    2015

10. Excellence award, Awarded by Science –Tech Week, Covenant University.


11. Excellence award, Awarded by Science –Tech Week, Covenant University.


12. Outstanding Teaching Award, Awarded by Stella Maris College for the high pass rate of students who sat for physics at the West African Examination Council.


13. Travel grant to ICTP, Trieste-Italy, Awarded by UNESCO  to attend conference on Ultrafast Dynamics of Correlated Materials, ICTP Trieste, Italy                          2013


14. NYSC State Directors Award, Awarded by National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC) for outstanding community project                                                                   2003

Teaching Areas

Teaching Areas

PHY431:         Remote Sensing Techniques                                          

PHY421:         Mathematical Methods III                                     

PHY417:         Condensed Matter Physics                                   

PHY448:         Physics Lab Experiment                                        

PHY813:         Electrodynamics                                                     

PHY814:         Hydroelectricity                                                        

PHY816:         Solar Energy                                                           

PHY817:         Bio-Energy                                                                

PHY825:         Energy Conversion and Storage                            

PHY847:         Wind Power                                                               



1.    Editor in Chief, ICESE-2020 (Indexed on IOP)                                          2020

2.    Co- Editor, ICSSD-2020 (Indexed on IOP)                                                 2020

3.    Member, Research Committee, Covenant University                                2019

4.    Editor in Chief, ICESE-2019 (Indexed on IOP)                                          2019

5.    Editor in Chief, ICSSD-2019 (Indexed on IOP)                                          2019

6.    Member, Joint Cluster Committee, Covenant University                         2019

7.    Member, Technical Program Committee, IEEE-IGCSRM                        2018

8.    Member, Technical Program Committee, IGCRE                                       2017

9.    Editorial Head, International Conference on Science and

Sustainable Development                                                                                2017

10. Superchair, Easychair Platform for ICADI                                                    2016

11. Member, Technical Program Committee, CU-ICADI                                  2016

12. Patron, National Association of Physics Student (CU Chapter)                2015

13. Member, Technical Program Committee 2015 IEEE Jordan Conference on Applied Electrical Engineering and Computing Technologies (AEECT)


Conferences Attended

Conferences Attended

1.    AIP Conferences                                                                            

2.    IOP Conferences                                                                             

3.    IEEE Conferences                                                                

4.    Manufactur Procedia- Elsevier Conference                                 

5.    Energy Procedia- Elsevier Conference                                      

Detailed Biographical Info

Biographical Info

EMETERE Moses Eterigho currently hold the positions of visiting Associate Professor at Trinity University, Senior Lecturer at Covenant University, and Senior Research Associate at University of Johannesburg South Africa. He served in various academic committees and contributed immensely to the global ranking of Covenant University through his contribution to high impact publications and internationalization of local authors in the University. SCIVAL currently ranks him fourth most published author in Nigeria. Stanford University Identified me as one of the top 2% scientists globally. He has twenty years teaching/research experience and has mentored several undergraduate and postgraduate students who are prolific authors today.


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