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On a fractional Beta-Exponential Distribution.

A four parameter distribution representing the ratio of two independent Beta-Exponential variates is defined. An expression for the probability density function and the cumulative...

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An a(α)-stable method for solving initial value problems of ordinary differential equations.

An A(α)-stable implicit one step hybrid method for the numerical approximation of solutions of initial value problems of general second order ordinary differential equations...

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On a block integrator for the solution of first Order ordinary differential equations

An efficient one step Adam type implicit block numerical algorithm developed by simultaneous employment of interpolation and collocation techniques is proposed in this paper....

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Coefficient Bounds for Certain Classes of Analytic and Univalent Functions as Related to Sigmoid Function.

In this work, the authors investigated certain classes of analytic and univalent functions in terms of their coefficient bounds as related to activation sigmoid...

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Extension of Continuous Selection Sets to Non-Lipschitzian Quantum Stochastic Differential Equations.

We establish results on multifunction associated with a set of solutions of non-Lipschitz quantum stochastic differential inclusion (QSDI), which still admits a continuous selection...

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Dr. Timothy ANAKE


Dr. Timothy Ashibel Anake started his academic career in 2004 at Igbinedion University, Okada in Edo State after obtaining B.Sc and M.Sc degrees from University of Uyo and Ibadan respectively. He moved on to Covenant University in November 2006 where he has had a fulfilling career until date. He obtained a Ph.D in Mathematics from Covenant University in 2011, specializing in Numerical solutions of initial value problems of ordinary differential equations.