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1. PhD (English) – 2016 – Covenant University

2. M.A. (English) – 2012 – Covenant University

3. B.A. Ed. (English) – 2009 – University of Ado-Ekiti


Languages and General Studies


Lecturer I


College of Leadership and Development Studies


Languages and General Studies

Research Interests

1. Religious Discourse

2. New Media Discourse

3. Stylistics

4. Language Variation

5. Semiotics

Awards & Honours

Award & Honours

1.      Department’s Best Graduating Master’s Student 2012 Session, Covenant University, Ota


2.     Travel/Symposium Grant by Templeton World Charity Foundation & Institute of Human Development, Aga Khan University for a workshop on character trait development in learners. October, 2018

Teaching Areas

Teaching Areas

1. Introduction to Semantics

2. English Stylistics

3. English Syntax

4. Basic English Grammar and Composition

5. English for Specific Purposes

6. The English Language in Nigeria/New Englishes

7. Sociolinguistics

8. History of the English Language

9. Communication in English

10. Media English

11. Discourse Analysis

Current Postgraduate Supervision

Current Postgraduate Supervision

1. Semantic Investigation of Cultural Based Meaning Extension: A Study of Things Fall Apart and Zikora by Chiwuoem Chuta – 19PBC01943 (In View) M.A Dissertation, 2021

2. Humour-based Impoliteness Strategies: A Pragma-Stylistic Analysis of Bob Hearts Abisola by Aseniserare Ayobami Pricilia – 19PBC01945 (In View) M.A Dissertation, 2021



1. Global Partners in Education (GPE)

2. Learn Africa Publishers (Teachers’ Training Facilitator)

3. Templeton World Charity Organisation

Conferences Attended

Conferences Attended

1.      Chimuanya, L. (2021). Humour, Culture and Belief in Alhaja Don Jasi Comedy Series: A Pragma-linguistic Study. 4th Pragmatics Association of Nigeria Annual International Conference. University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria, 8th-11th February, 2021


2.      Chimuanya, L. & Awonuga, C. (2020). Pedagogical implication of the use of English in Nigeria. 12th International Conference of Education and New Learning (EDULEARN, 20), 6th – 8th July, 2020, Spain. (IATED (CPCI) Conference Proceedings)


3.      Chimuanya, L.; Ajiboye, E. & Omidiora, O. (2020). Revisiting the Nigerian Undergraduate English Curriculum. UN@75 International Conference. Covenant University, 2020



4.      A 2-day training workshop organized by Bioethics Society of Nigeria in collaboration with National Health Ethics Committee on Advancing Ethical Research: Focus on research monitoring and animal research ethics. 19th – 20th November, 2020. Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria


5.      Covenant University – OCIIP Nigeria (CU-OCIIP) Expo – (2020) and Digivate 360 Virtual Training on BOOST WITH FACEBOOK. 22nd – 24th July 2020


6.      Webinar: Whova Certified Professional Virtual Planner. 6/15/2020


7.      Division of Continuing Education (UCI), University of California, Irvine. Grammar and Punctuation Certificate Course. 07/21/2020


8.      A Workshop on Financial Literacy for Sustainable Business organized by ACE OGUN/UNU-IAS. 18th April, 2020. Covenant University, Nigeria


9.      A Day Workshop on Anti-Plagiarism organized by the Nigerian Young Academy and the School of Postgraduate Studies of Covenant University, Ota. 5th February, 2018. Nigeria


10.  Lagos Humboldt Kolleg in Digital Humanities: An International Conference in Digital Cultures and Digital Scholarhip in Nigeria. 14th – 18th November, 2017. University of Lagos, Nigeria


11.  Ajiboye, E., Uba, E. & Chimuanya, L. (2014). Discursive Construction of Borders in Online Feedback Platforms. Paper Presented at ISA World Congress of Sociology (July 13-19, 2014), Yokohama, Japan


12.  Igwebuike, E.; Abioye, T & Chimuanya, L. (2014). A Pragma-Semiotic Analysis of ‘‘Occupy Nigeria Group’’ Online Posts on the 2012 Fuel Subsidy Removal of Nigeria. Paper Presented at ISA World Congress of Sociology (July 13-19, 2014), Yokohama, Japan



13.  Workshop on Conflict Management and Resolution July, 2014 – (Attended as a Facilitator)


14.  Chimuanya, L., Eyisi, J., Joshua, I., Omunagbe, D., Ojo, K, Demurin, D. (2015). Global Education and Language: Proposing a Universal Variety of English as Medium of Instruction. Paper Presented at GPE International Conference on Global Education Issues (China, 2015)



15.  Awonuga, C. & Chimuanya, L. (2016). An Investigation of the Syntactic Devices in Selected Nigerian Preachers’ Sermons. Paper Presented at FULNESA National Conference (Oct. 26th – 29th, 2015)


16.  Ajiboye, E. & Chimuanya, L. Negotiating Identity and Membership in Online Discussion Forums: A Study of Nairaland. Paper Presented at 2nd Idowu Shobowale International Conference on Communication (Oct. 25th – 28th 2015)


17.  Chimuanya, L., Ajiboye, E. & Uba, E. (2016). Lexical Trends in Selected Online Nigerian Pentecostal Texts. A Paper Presented at IFESAN (50th Anniversary) 2016 (Sept. 5th – 8th, 2016)


18.  Chimuanya, L.; Awonuga, C. & Ugboko, E. (2017). Type Amen or Perish on Facebook! An Emerging Christian Religious Terrorism. A Paper Presented at the 3rd International Conference ComSymbol on Religion(s), Secularity(ies), Society(ies) and the Digital Humanities Turn. Paul Valery University of Montpellier, France. (Nov. 9-10, 2016)


19.  Uba, E., Chimuanya, L., Ajiboye, E. & Fortress, I. (2017). The Role of GSP in Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Students in Nigerian Universities. A Paper Presented at the National GSP Conference, Redeemers University, Ede (30th – 31st May, 2017)


20.  Uba, E. & Chimuanya, L. (2017). Recurrent Patterns of Leetspeak among Selected Nigerian Secondary School Students: A Literacy Investigation. A Paper Presented at the 10th Pan-African Literacy for All Conference, organized by Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN); International Literacy Association (ILA) and International Development Committee for Africa (IDC-A). August, 27th – 31st, 2017.


21.  Global Innovations for Character Development: Africa Regional Symposium


 Nairobi, Kenya; October 24 – 25, 2018

Detailed Biographical Info

Biographical Info

Lily Chimuanya obtained a B.A.(ed.) English degree from the University of Ado-Ekiti, and proceeded to Covenant University where she received her M.A (English) and PhD (English) degrees in 2012 and 2016 respectively. She teaches in the Department of Languages and General Studies, Covenant University and servers in various capacities in the University as Committee Head, Sub-committee head and Committee Member. Lily Specialises in Applied Linguistics, with a special focus on religious discourse, new media studies, language variation and pragmatics.  She continues to examine an emerging variety of the English language she refers to as ‘Cyber-Eng’ in her thesis and attempts to describe how online communication is re-shaping offline language behaviour against the backdrop of African socio-cultural realities. She is also investigating how the move of religion to an online platform, especially on social media is redefining and challenging traditional notions of authority. Her articles on literary and online discourses have appeared in Semiotica, Advances in Linguistics and Communications Studies, Journal of African Media Studies, Discourse and Communication, Sage etc. She is also interested in applied text linguistics, lexical studies and discourse analysis. She has attended presented conference papers in Nigeria, Japan, China and France.

Lily Chimuanya also has a passion for youth and gender empowerment. Lily has a Diploma in Leadership development and is currently one of the International Advisers for WERP India and Co-founder of WERP Nigeria, a women empowerment initiative. Her e-book, The Act of Courtship, is one of her co-curricular contributions to the field of relationships. She has had several privileges to share her experiences on various academic and non-academic platforms. 

Lily has taught at all levels of education, and currently mentors young adults at the university level. Her aim is also to evolve a holistic methodology that would both nurture character traits in young adults as well as educate the mind.


Dr Lily Chinyelu Chimuanya

Lecturer & Researcher

Lily Chimuanya obtained a B.A. (Ed) in English from the University of Ado-Ekiti and further received a Diploma in Leadership development, and both her M.A and Ph.D. in English from Covenant University. She teaches courses in Applied Linguistics in the Department of Languages and General Studies, Covenant University. Her research focuses on Religious Discourse, New Media Studies, Language Variation, and Pragmatics.