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Physisorption and Chemisorption Mechanisms Influencing Micro (Nano) Plastics-Organic Chemical Contaminants Interactions: A Review

Microplastics, which serve as sources and vector transport of organic contaminants in both terrestrial and marine environments, are emerging micropollutants of increasing concerns due...

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Biogenic iron oxide nanoparticles and activated sodium persulphate for hydrocarbon remediation in contaminated soil

Biogenic iron oxide nanoparticles synthesized from a locally sourced, readily available plant — Azadirachta indica, were used synergistically with sodium persulphate (PS) to degrade...

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COVID-19 pandemic and emerging plastic-based personal protective equipment waste pollution and management in Africa

The threat of plastic waste pollution in African countries is increasing exponentially since the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus infection as a pandemic....

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Remediation and optimization of petroleum hydrocarbons degradation in contaminated water using alkaline activated persulphate

This study investigated the characterization of Nigerian crude oil using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and the efficiency of alkaline activated sodium persulphate in degrading...

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Baseline radioactivity and associated radiological hazards in soils around a proposed nuclear power plant facility, South-South Nigeria

Increased concerns about human population exposure to increased ionizing radiations emanating from anthropogenic sources of radiation, as well as the associated environmental risk, have...

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