Agricultural Information, Indigenous Knowledge and Development Communication Strategies Among Women in Ijaye Community. Nigeria.

Authors: Madu C.E and Ijirigho M.A

This study examines the impact a_{ indigenous development communication strategies on the utilization o.f Agricultural information among women for rural development. fjaye community o.f Akinyele local government area ofOyo State was used as case study. It also investigated the channels of communication adopted by development workers 1\’ith reference to indiJ:tenous knovvledge. The datafor the study ·were collected through the questionnaire;f(Jcus ·group discussion, oral interviews and existing cornparati1·e literature. It Y1’as revealed in this study that indigenous channels and local strategies have received the desired attention in the development communication process. From the study. findings reveal that the strategies adopted in a communication encounter. significantly affects the understanding and utilization of the message. The more familiar the strategy/channels. the more result yielding. Some of the indigenous strategies and. channels like, local associations, local festivals, songs, folktales etc can be success fitly adopted in communicating exogenous information, new idea and practice.\· to the people. If this exogenous information is therefore packaged in format rooted in the culture of the audience, they will have a better chance of yielding the desired result among the rural recipients. Due to this, the extension worker cannot afford to overlook the media, which are familiar to the people. The study recommends continuous communication between the rural people and development agents, using appropriate media and strategies so that there will be appropriate flow o_(knowledge which will benefit both parties.